Xolal, also known as Master Xolal, was a Guardian of the Sun, preceding Sohone.


In his elderly form, Xolal is a small, brown hedgehog-looking creature. His complexion is somewhat nut-y. His eyes are constantly closed and he possesses a hard, gold-colored spiky shell.

During his youth, Xolal was very muscular-built, taller, and his eyes were visible.


Xolal at full youth.


During the ceremony, Xolal is shown as a very respected, wise, and humble man. His old age gives him some strange behaviors, such as repeating sentences.

In his younger form, Xolal was apparently more energic, and as Phospho stated, was one of the greatest fighters in the world.


Xolal was a legendary hero : he sucessfully sent the corrupted Necros down to the Underworld. After this, he stood as Guardian of the Sun for 350 years.


Xolal in an epic fight against Necros