Sohone is the deuteragonist of Mune: Guardian of the Moon.


Sohone has an overall orange appearance similar to Glim but darker. He is made of marble and has white fur for hair on top and his back, while his torso is made of a rock like material and has a darker shade. He may even look like an orange marble cat


Sohone is very prideful of himself and can be extremely arrogant at times. But he is known to be very brave and powerful. Sohone also enjoys flirting/impressing girls, especially Glim. He Can Be a Bit Rude sometimes. He can be a little sarcastic too.


Sohone is the former apprentice of Xolal, former guardian of the sun. Not much else is known about him before he became the sun's protector.


Harpooning: Sohone is a natural at throwing and wielding a harpoon, due to being the guardian of the sun.

Super strength: Because he is so powerful, Sohone can carry/hold heavy things, regardless how much they weigh.