Necros is the main antagonist of Mune: Guardian of the Moon.


Necros is a very selfish and cruel creature, expected from a guardian who's fallen from grace. He treats his minions harshly and is amused instead of bothered when the sun is dying. As for his selfishness, it is in fact the cause of his transformation. Before and after he was corrupted, he was a proud individual.


Necros is very tall nearly being way taller than the ceilling. His body is similliar to that of a sun inhabitant. His body is mostly made out of molten rock and lava.

Before his corruption, Necros had a golem like body and a waterfall flowing from his chest.


Necros was once a proud guardian as those who came before him, until he was confronted by evil corrupters, which made him want the sun all for himself. He was eventually defeated by Xolal, who smashed him all the way to the underworld, where he lived in for years. It is unknown how he felt about it.


As a corrupted guardian, Necros was made and given to use :

Evil Corrupters : The very creatures which corrupted him in the first place, he is able to summon and use them at will. This ability is first seen when he used them to influence Leeyoon.

Super Strength: Due to being a Titan, Necros is able to crush any being with his size.