• WilliamBillAmes

    Not much here I see. This film was suggested to me to watch so I did. It was on Netflix. It was very good. I am a fan of very good. Ladybug and Wakfu and Code Lyoko. I do not speak French but much prefer my shows in French with English subs. I am also an anime fan. So, I just got my copy of Mune from Amazon France. It is in French, with French subs, I will use that as a learning aid. I will also do screenshots and add to the images here. As one can see by what I consider good I enjoy shows that provide a good flow of dopamine. I also enjoy talking.

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  • Rage5110

    Mune, Adopted.

    April 8, 2016 by Rage5110

    Hello, everyone!

    I've created this blog post to announce that this Wiki has been adopted, and is under new supervision. If any of the previous admins or the owner need permission just send me a wall post or reply! 

    I won't take long, because I usually complete the wikia page with the information I've gathered then leave it as it is after all the important information has been filled in.

    I hope we can all, continue and get along with each other in completing the wiki.

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